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Current Views on Wisdom Teeth Removal


wisdom tooth extractionYou have to feel bad for dental professionals simply because people allow their fear of dental work to also turn into fear of the dental professional. This is so unfortunate because anyone who works as a dentist, hygienist, or oral surgeon has had a tremendous amount of training that ranges from cleaning techniques to wisdom teeth extraction. Thus, they are not likely to cause pain, discomfort, damage, or anything other than a remedy to pain or infection.

This makes it especially challenging for many dental experts who read news stories or articles that tell a patient to consider whether or not they need wisdom tooth extraction, and/or whether it is an advisable procedure.

For example, you can easily find articles on wisdom tooth removal that say that “erupted” teeth may not need extraction if they can be cleaned and are fully emerged. This is, quite plainly, nonsense.  In a recent article by a Colorado dental expert, it was clearly indicated that “studies have shown that fully erupted wisdom teeth are just as prone to disease as impacted teeth.”

Words on Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do only a bit of online research about wisdom teeth extraction and you will see that there is a tremendous amount of relatively conflicting material.

Should you do it?

Should you avoid it?

Are there exceptions to any of the recommended rules or guidelines?

The most basic answer about the wisdom of wisdom tooth extraction is that it takes a professional opinion to tell you whether or not you should have the work done. Every single person has wisdom teeth, and yet they develop and appear in many different ways.

There are many fortunate individuals who have erupted wisdom teeth that line up perfectly with other teeth and do not cause overcrowding.  Whether or not these folks are candidates for wisdom tooth removal is still a matter for their dental expert, and this is because they may still be unable to clean their straight and fully emerged teeth effectively.

Don’t Make the Call on Your Own

Because the removal of wisdom teeth is a major event, a lot of people try to put it off by attempting to convince themselves that they don’t need to explore the issue. Even when they experience unusual pain or swelling in their gums, they may think it will just “pass” and they let it go.

This is all very common and yet a major cause of the kinds of truly problematic issues that are so often associated with wisdom teeth.

So, whether you have a few wisdom teeth emerging through your gums, have started to feel pain at the far back of the mouth, or have noticed inflammation anywhere in the jaw area, you need to give your case over to a qualified dental expert.

These are people who want to bring your pain to an abrupt end and to tackle whatever work must be done. They are the only ones who can tell you whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be removed. Never let any non-expert opinions or suggestions guide your decisions about such a serious matter as wisdom teeth.

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  1. It is very easy to put your head in the sand when it comes to possibly needing wisdom teeth removal or any kind of procedure really. Who really wants to face it? I know this first hand as I was there. I had complications as a result of waiting too long but thankfully it was resolved.

  2. I waited too long for mine because I put it off for those reasons (just denying I needed it, etc). I had complications that could have been avoided if I had not waited so long. That experience taught me if I have an issue that needs to be resolved to face it head on to minimize future complications.

  3. My daughter’s latest x ray showed that she has wisdom teeth that could potentially cause issues and she is 13. I wonder how soon I could look into having this done. The earlier it is taken care of the better.

  4. If I was told I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed, I would just go ahead and get it done ASAP; The complications that come from it are worse than a bit of pain, inconvenience and recovery time.

  5. When I was 20 I had great dental insurance and a dentist told me I needed all 4 wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible because they were all coming in sideways and would push all my teeth around. I was getting ready to move so put it off til after the move. Then my teeth felt better and time went on.
    Now I am over 50, still have all my teeth but no dental insurance. Every time I go for a check up, they are surprised I still have my wisdom teeth and my teeth are very straight. They never mention removing them.
    Ive heard this from other friends as well.
    Maybe, just maybe,some wisdom teeth removal is an easy money maker? 2600.00 cash up front for 45 minutes of work? My daughter just got hers removed, they were not causing pain, the dentist said they were all coming in sideways….


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